We have often been called emotional fools because majority of our decisions depend on the gravity of emotions that we have within the team for each other!
That’s our strength but also could be our weakness at times.
There are times when we are not on point, we lose tournaments, we feel low and angry, we feel like giving up but then there’s something beautiful like this that happens.
We consider ourselves to be lucky to have such amazing fans like you all, who always pick us up whenever we fall and give us the strength to fight back.


Thank you so much Mr. Alok for this beautiful potrait of our core, you don’t know what this means to us.
This shows and proves that we have achieved for what we have been playing all these years.
It was not the popularity, the stardom or the wins that we were eyeing for, it was the love and a small place in the heart of fans like you, which we could connect too whenever we wanted.
A big hug to you Alok for giving us this memory of a lifetime and for making 2016 end on a good note for us.

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