Brutals take SuperNova!

We never reply with words, we do it with our game! Success never comes easy, that’s what we have learned all these years and we know you have to work hard for it. ‪#‎BRUTALS‬ powered by G2A.COM, ZOTAC India and SoStronk, sponsored by Gunnar Optiks India, Esportclothing, MadCatz, LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers and […]

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Team Brutality launches their first mouse pad called RAGE!

Ladies and gentlemen today there’s someone special entering the‪ BRUTAL‬ world! We give to you our very first cloth mousepad ‪RAGE‬. We are the first ‪Indian‬ team to try something of this sort and hope that you guys will love it. We won’t give you those crazy intros about the pad where we will say […]

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Now we know the reason behind RIX’s consistency!

Lets begin this week with a nice quote from our star awper Aakash ‘RiX’ More.

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Team Brutality takes ESL India Premiership Cup 1!

We always make it interesting, don’t we ? Team Brutality powered by ZOTAC India, G2A.COM and SoStronk, sponsored by Gunnar Optiks India, Antec India, Esportclothing, Mad Catz and LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers are your champions of the ESL India Premiership starter cup 1. A big hug to all our ‪BRUTALS who have been […]

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Team Brutality becomes the only Indian team to enter ESEA League season 22 Asia Pacific!

It gives us immense pleasure and pride in announcing that Team Brutality runners up of last ESEA League season 21 Asia Pacific powered by ZOTAC India, G2A and SoStronk, sponsored by Gunnar Optiks India, Esportclothing, LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers, Antec India and Mad Catz is yet again the only ‪‎Indian team consecutively for […]

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One more win under our belt!

This one’s for you ‪BRUTALS, you guys made our evening special! Team Brutality powered by ZOTAC India, G2A.COM and SoStronk, sponsored by Esportclothing, Mad Catz, Antec India, LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers and Gunnar Optiks India are your winners of the NVIDIA India show match. We hope all of you had a wonderful time […]

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Do you BRUTALS agree ?

Doesn’t matter how they play, if you love their company you will enjoy playing with them! If you have such awesome friends around whom you love playing with, whether its casually or professionally tag them and lets bring back those amazing memories. After all friends are what makes this game more fun to play.

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Brutals take on Thailand’s ‘Signature’ in ESEA Asia Finals!

Its India vs Thailand tonight in the finals of ESEA Season 21 Asia Pacific League! We hope that we are able to put up an entertaining show for all of you and make a place in your hearts. If we manage to make you guys smile even once during the entire game that will mean […]

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The race to the top was not easy but your love gave us the strength to get there in time!

We had a small dream when we enrolled in ESEA Season 18. It was to qualify for the top 2 one day. We divided this dream in small parts and gave ourselves the targets. First it was to get into the playoffs of ESEA Season 19 which we managed. Second was to enter the top […]

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Brutals take India to 2nd spot in the Asian Rankings

It feels good to see our flag right up there in the #Asian rankings! The only thing that we miss are more #Indian teams. We hope to see a few helping us create a wave of Indian colors in the next season of ESEA League. P.S – Do not forget to cheer up the boys in the#SemiFinals […]

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