About Us

Brutality is an Indian professional eSports team that is a registered company with its CSGO, Tekken, Need For Speed, Track Mania Series, Forza Motor Sports and various other racing game squads.

Formed by a team of aficionados of CSGO, the team gained recognition in the year 2010 at Chitkara bringing down the Goliaths of the game of that time! Team has just grown since then to become a leading face in the CSGO community in India with their reputation and stature preceding them.

The main strength of the team is its passion driven love for gaming which still is the foundation of this team.

Brutality aspires to become one of the top teams in Asia and represent India and Asia both at the world stage with the same resonance that they and any other PRO teams carries.

At Brutality we always aim for the best and no matter what the situation is we deliver.

Mission statement – To make a team with best of friends and enjoy the game together. Because if you enjoy each others company in game you don’t have to worry about the results.