We never reply with words, we do it with our game!
Success never comes easy, that’s what we have learned all these years and we know you have to work hard for it.
‪#‎BRUTALS powered by G2A.COM, ZOTAC India and SoStronk, sponsored by Gunnar Optiks India, Esportclothing, MadCatz, LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers and Antec India are your ‪#‎Champions‬ of NovaPlay.

Supernova Victory
We would like to thank the guys at NODWIN Gaming and NovaPlay for organizing such an amazing event in a very professional manner. The atmosphere at LOFT 38 was electric, the ambience was great, matches started on time and of course the production was top notch.

When you enter the venue and see your team’s logo flash on the big led’s along with your lineup, that feeling is just unexplainable. This was the second best #‎LAN‬ tournament done by the Nodwin gang after Gamegod which gave us an experience of how International tournaments happen. These guys have certainly raised the bar for other organizers and we hope they learn from such events.
A big hug to all our fans who came and cheered for us, all those on the stream and especially Miss Angela for her continuous support.

The MVP’s of the tournament were Fox and astaRRRRR for hitting some nasty shots and winning amazing clutches. Overall it was great experience and we are glad that finally good and big events have taken their pace in the Indian Esports scene.
Shoutout to Accuracy gaming and Overcome for putting up a good show and all the rest for making this event beautiful. Scores were 16-13 against Overcome in the semi finals 16-5 on Cache and 16-3 on Dust2 against Kungfu Pandits in the finals.

We all are a small family, the more we appreciate and support each other is the more our scene will grow. So its upto us, we can keep fighting amongst each other or respect everyone and push them to achieve good results at bigger stages.
Until next time, keep supporting and stay #‎BRUTAL‬!

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