Sometimes we think, what is that we are doing right, that brings us so much love from the most important people in our lives known as fans!
We think now we can say this proudly that there are fans and then there are the BRUTAL ones.

This gentlemen who goes by the name Shivendu Mishra met Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth and gifted him a profile which he had specially made for him. This is not all, we even received an email where words like “sir” and “lord” were used for our captain who we think can be called one of the most loved players of our country.
In the mail Shivendu says, I came to know that you guys are going to visit India Gaming Show in NewDelhi and that’s when I decided that come what may, this time I am going to give V3nom sir the gift which I made for him. I started planning my schedule for the event dates as I didn’t want to miss this, which could be the only opportunity to meet this legend. There can never be another V3nombiceps. Luckily I managed to reach on time and could see my favourite team getting ready for their match.

The sun was going down and that was the indication for me that I had limited time. Being 16 years old su***. I started getting calls from my parents but I didn’t pick up any of them and switched off my phone. I knew I was going to get whacked at home and I was getting ready for it. My friend who had accompanied me to the event was the second target, as his phone started ringing due to my phone being switched off.

My mom called his mom and told her that she wont ever send me again. I was prepared for this and I knew this would happen which made meeting my idol even more important for me because this could be my last chance to catch a glimpse of him for a very long time. I even got a call from my co maker of the profile. I told him its getting late and there’s a technical pause going on. He told me “yaar aaj kuch bhi ho jaye, we have to show him what we have made for him.

It had costed us a lot already but our love for our captain gave us the strength to fight all the odds. Finally I got a chance to meet him and his team. They greeted me as if they knew me from a very long time and it felt like I was a part of their brutal family. The things they say about love for their fans are 100 percent true, I felt it after meeting them. I could connect with them emotionally. My mission was accomplished now but I was happy and sad at the same time because there are many others like me back in my college who are big fans of the 6 feet tall biceps man.

I know they all couldn’t make it but they have sent some love in the pictures which I have attached, please check.

Thank you for meeting me and accepting the profile Mr. V3nom. I can say this proudly, you are not my friend, you are my brother my friend. After meeting you I have realised why is Brutality loved so much and especially you, who is the most humble, down to earth guy I have ever met. Win or lose Brutality and V3nom will always be my inspiration. You guys rock and we love you all.

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