Last night was a night of comebacks for the BRUTAL boys but what a Saturday night it was!
Team Brutality powered by G2A.COM and ZOTAC, sponsored by Esportclothing, LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers, Antec India, SoStronk, Mad Catz and Gunnar Optiks India are your champions of the Indian eSports Championship.

The boys stayed undefeated throughout the qualifier which was Uprising followed by the main event called GroundZero.
We have proved once again that friendship and fans are the two deadly combinations which make you win big tournaments and even if you lose they do give you the strength to get back up and fight.
This victory could have been a normal one but our fans, the crowd and of course the organisers is what made this one special.                                                                                                                           We would like to thank our fans because without them Brutality would never be the team that it is today. You guys gave us the title of being India’s most loved team, you are the one because of whom we play, you are the support that any team would love to have and we are glad that we are one of those teams.

Until next time, keep supporting and stay BRUTAL!

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