We had a small dream when we enrolled in ESEA Season 18.
It was to qualify for the top 2 one day. We divided this dream in small parts and gave ourselves the targets. First it was to get into the playoffs of ESEA Season 19 which we managed. Second was to enter the top 8 slot in Asia which we did in Season 20. This time our target was to reach the top 4 but eventually we progressed a bit further because as they say, you are gifted with results only if you have faith in yourself and are ready to work hard.

ESEA Finals

So this season we are proud to let you all know that BRUTALS powered by G2A.COM, ZOTAC India, SoStronk, Esportclothing, Antec IndiaGunnar Optiks India, LXG – League of Extraordinary Gamers and MadCatz have placed our flag right at the top on 2nd position in the ESEA League Asian rankings.
All this success that we have earned is because of you guys and your faith in us. Thank you for giving us the power of your love to get better each and everyday, thank you for consoling us when we lost couple of matches, thank you for always being our friend on whom we could fall back when things weren’t going our way. You, our fans, have also been a strong and steady part of this organisation and on behalf of the entire team we dedicate this small accolade to all you beautiful BRUTALS!
P.S – Don’t forget to watch the ESEA League Season 21 Finals on 22nd April at 19.30 IST and support the boys who will be giving it all to take India on the number 1 spot.

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