Its moments like these which make you feel blessed and loved!

Our captain Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth experienced something magical yet again yesterday.

He says, I was walking on the road and suddenly a young guy named ‘Rishi Maliwal’ stopped me. He was with his granny breathless and excited. Few minutes later after catching his breath he said, you are Ankit Panth right, can I have your autograph and a picture with you please. While he was talking to me his granny looked confused and stared at me with surprise. He then continued, I need to call my brother right now can you please wait here for 2 minutes I will just be back. He runs away to get his brother and at that point I thought as if I was watching Usain Bolt himself running towards victory. As he was running his granny asked me who are you son, I replied, I play a computer game called Counter Strike. While saying this I was a bit sceptical about her reply and thought that his granny might say that you shouldn’t play games, you are a grown up now. But I was amazed after hearing what she said. She replies, oh so you are the one who represents our country in computer games. My sons are big fans of you and your team. They always keep talking about you. Now I know why he ran away so fast, she laughs. They have their board exams tomorrow and meeting you today i think is a good sign, she smiles again. Suddenly there were tears in my eyes. The brothers then came and hugged me for few minutes. Words cannot describe the look on their faces when they met me. They took few pictures, shook my hand and started walking towards their building while waving good bye.

Incidents like these make you feel happy and speechless. I feel blessed and honored to have fans like you all who have stood by me and my team like a mountain. I thank all of you for giving us these amazing emotional moments which make us feel that our hard work is actually making a difference.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this beautiful memory.

Keep supporting and stay #BRUTAL!

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